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I started my substack newsletter in a bid to clear the clutter on the latest breaking news; I write on explanatory journalism.

I also aim to reach out to more readers with my fiction stories.

I'd really appreciate it if you take the time to read some of my articles whenever your time permits. I hope to keep you engaged.🤗👇🏽

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My name is Mohammed Rayaan and I am an independent journalist and a writer based in India. I have worked as an entertainment and features writer for DT Next, an English daily newspaper. Previously, I was associated with News Today, an English evening daily. My bylines have appeared on LiveWire, Better India and on The Opinioc, a publication in The Medium. When I am not a journalist, I write stories of my own, read a lot of books or magazines, complain about the way the world is going and I watch a lot of TV series. Visit my personal site if you’d like to read more of my writings. Reach me at Cheers! :)