Mohammed Rayaan

Independent Journalist and Writer.

My name is Mohammed Rayaan and I am an independent journalist and a writer based in India. I have worked as an entertainment and features writer for DT Next, an English daily newspaper. Previously, I was associated with News Today, an English evening daily. My bylines have appeared on LiveWire, Better India and on The Opinioc, a publication in The Medium. When I am not a journalist, I write stories of my own, read a lot of books or magazines, complain about the way the world is going and I watch a lot of TV series. Visit my personal site if you’d like to read more of my writings. Reach me at Cheers! :)

Current Obsessions

  • Reading magazines, books and newspapers.

  • Listening to podcast.

  • Binge-watching web series and documentaries.

In search of

  • Exciting people to read my works :)

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